Payday is a fund day at the LYS

Went down to the LYS and bought some more needles and some new skeins. Found this gorgeous green that I had spotted the last time I was there but was unable to get and took a little bit more time to look at some of the other yarns. Man I love this place and it's more fun on pay days. I did make a budget so I wouldn't go over board since my partner is always looking to see what I try to stash in my yarn pile. Good thing he doesn’t knit himself or he would know when I keep on adding. Spoke with the owner for a bit and got some ideas and also asked about the roving that they have and some of the drop spindles. I have to hold off until my trip in a week in a half to Vegas for my friend’s birthday. Have to stash some money to play and have some fun out there. I will post pic’s of a project I've almost completed and the new yarn I added to my stash. Have a great weekend every one.