Fair Isle Finished

Finished my first Fair Isle sweater.

Tried to strand loose enough to prevent puckers, but still had some where I wove secondary colors. However, I'm sure another steam block will help to flatten them out.

Attached a few pics.

Thanks to all who helped me with the underarm questions. Kitchener worked well.


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Bravo, Joe! It's a beautiful garment. It's a true testament to your attention to detail that the strand work is so precise as well. Is this sweater for you or a lucky friend?

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All the family got their knit garments for Christmas; so, this one is for me.

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Absolutely stunning! Magnificent. Awesomely well done. (Can you tell I like it?) It's an inspiration. I just got Meg Swansen's "Knitting" out of the library and I'm looking at her patterns for yoke sweaters. You are encouraging me. Great work.

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Hey Joe - Congratulations! Really nice work.

I'd loveto see more of your Fair Isle/strand work.

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From what I saw in the picture , steam block may get rid of it. You will find out when you put it on after steam blocking or wet blocking.

Beautiful work! You may have done short rounds shaping at the neck to make the garment sit on the body better. Elizabeth Zimmerman explains this in "Knitting Without Tears". The difference in fit is amazing!

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Thanks. Will check it out.

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Beautiful work Joe, congratulations.

Beautiful sweater! Thanks for all the detail photos too.

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Very nice knitting. For a first piece of Fair Isle sweater knitting, the look is great. I hope it relaxes out with blocking and wearing. Congratulations.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great Job!

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I think those little "funny bits" where you've floated in from the back will go away when you block. I think it's just a transient thing. Please let us know. Really soothing color combination and clean looking work!