Hello Again

I've been a bit remiss on checking in on things over here on MWK. Hope all is well with everyone. I've been busy with everything happening but have gotten in some nights of knitting.

From AKQGuy
From AKQGuy
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From AKQGuy

Sorry, those last two pics are really poor quality IPod pics. The last one is the cabled hat pattern I've been working on to present as a class at one of our local yarn stores. I'm hoping to get it finalized here shortly and will post it with my other patterns on my blog.

I hope you have all been well and I look forward to perusing the latest happening's.


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Interestingly enough, Q, the picture of the socks is the closest to the colors yet. I guess it just happened to work best with the IPod. ;-) The hat is really nice as well. And the shawl...Well, I've said all I can in praise of it. It was good to see you last night and looking forward to next time. Take care.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Busy boy, I love the shawl and black and white hat.

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I hear you....I have a pair of socks I seem to have been working on for 3 months. Well, because I have been working on them for 3 months actually. There's also 3/4 of a bretheren sock in hibernation. It's spring, there's a garden to look after, new work projects, music...knitting has gotten the short shrift just lately!

The shawls look great, and the hat too!

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Great work.

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I love the hat, nice pattern in classic black and white. You guys on here are so good - great inspiration for us lesser-mortals.

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The black and white hat is amazing! I would love to learn how to do that.

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Great work on all projects!

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Thanks to everyone. The socks are completed, hat pattern finished and ready for class, and the hat can be found on ravelry as a free pattern on ravelry called the Claudia. I just decided to torture myself and do cables in colorwork. It was actually easier than it sounds since all knits were done in black and all purls in white. It is the aslan co's royal alpace and was a joy to knit with so lovely and soft. Thanks again.

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Well that's my next project sorted! I've downloaded the hat pattern (Claudia) and am now going to raid my stash of yarn and see what wools I have. Thanks mate.

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Glad I could enable your addiction.