Shawl in progress.

Just a Boneyard shawl in progress using Kauni EK yarn. Nothing special.

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Hi Casey,
All knitting is special. I really like the colorway of the shawl. Your work is really very consistent. You should be proud of your work!

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Thank you, Mark! You are right, all knitting is special.

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That shawl is knitting up just beautifully, Casey. The way the yarn has been dyed makes for nicely spaced blocks of color and great transitions. I look forward to seeing a finished photo.

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Thanks, Joe! I've been wanting to knit with this yarn for a long time but never could bring myself to pay the $30 +shipping. I was browsing around the local yarn store in Little Rock and happened to find it there. I'm close to the half way point on the shawl.

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Loooks good, Boneyard is still one of my favourite patterns.

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Thanks, Kerry! It's mine too. Easy to memorize so it can go with me.

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Pretty shawl and it will be very special to who ever receives it!

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Thanks! I'm thinking of donating it as a charity project for a fundraiser. If it looks good enough when done.

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It looks beautiful and I agree that whomever is the recipient will not only see it as something special, but will feel special when they wear it.

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Thanks so much, Quinton! I'm trying to slowly work my way into lace knitting and thought this might be a decent start. I'll go up a level next time.