Rowan Dalesman

So it has been a while since I have done anything other than a hat or a scarf and it has been even longer since I have posted anything on MWK, but I recently came across the Rowan Dalesman book last week and was struck by two of the sweater vests in there. Since I have never made a sweater I am starting with the simpler Harrison sweater before I tackle the Fairbank. The instructions are to knit the front and the back separately, which is great for the novice sweater person. But for future simple sweaters isn't there a way to knit both the front and the bank simultaneously (but not in the round)?


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Yes. Two separate balls of yarn and one long circular needle. I wouls suggest >40 inches in length. Cast both sides on to the same needle using the separate balls. It takes some getting used to when you start and some attention to make sure you always change yarn as you move piece to piece but it's doable. My last sweater I did my sleeves like this to assure they were identicle.

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I've tried two socks at once on a circ needle and it can get confusing where you are. And with a sweater the front and back are not going to be identical after a while, so you could get mixed up. I was annoyed with moving the balls around with the work and trying to keep things untangled. It all took too much mental energy. I would rather do a few rows in one, then a few rows in the other, all on separate sets of straight needles or separate circs. This could be good if you have a pattern in part of the sweater and want to keep doing all that together.

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