Here Piggy Piggy!

Well I made another yarn bowl. But this time a little different. I made a pig. LOL. I guess I am having too much fun creating these yarn bowls. I am already thinking what can I do next? Check my website out for more of my story.
Meantime take a look at the couple of pics
Happy Knitting!!

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Checked the said the web site wasn't ready yet...checked the shop...nothing...

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Thanks for looking. I a couple of weeks I will have my site ready to purchase product. I still have my blog there.

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These bowls are beautiful - and as for the pig - piggin' wonderful! As soon as you get them for sale you're going to get a UK order from me.

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Thanks. I appreciate the comment. I am hoping to be up in the next couple of weeks to sell.

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Hi Terry,
That pig bowl is fabulous. It made me chuckle...or would that be "squeal" with delight!

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I am thinking about a teapot next. Having the yarn come through the spout. This was is quite tricky to do, but I have made some attempts. Any suggestions? I would love to hear.


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What about making the spout sort of straight, so the yarn can be drawn through with a crochet needle. Of course, the spout would have to be slanted up, which is a bit odd for a teapot, but what the heck. :)

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Very cute.

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