A little Crochet for Men Who Knit

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This is not for the faint of heart and is not your usual granny square. Intermediate to advance pattern and definitely for people that know how to make hats or want the challenge. Nothing wrong with granny squares, but this is the Crochet that I like to do when I am not knitting.This pattern came to life for the first time on 2008 at the Men's West Coast Fall Knitting Retreat. Today is a pattern that has come to life. Is on Tapestry Crochet and is one of my most fun designs. Thanks for stopping by!
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WOW! That is beautiful. I admire your ability to work yarn is such spectacular ways!

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Thank you buddy

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Wow! I am totally intrigued by this. maybe someday ....

PS: any chance to show us some close-ups?

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A lot more available on my Flickr account.

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Another great hat, Andy.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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C A, You make the most wonderful hats. Ditto on the close-up pix. Will you be offering this pattern on your website?
Dave (now in Phoenix)


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Thanks Dave. Is on sale on Ravelry and on my website www.craftyandy.net

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Nice hat! I especially like the tassel.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Tassels are fun to make.

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It looks great on the mini-you too. Quite fetching on both.

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Beautiful work as always...I love this tapestry crochet. Tried to do a bit of it before but I just didn't quite grok it. Maybe yarn gauge/hook size problems too, not sure, but I found myself constantly struggling to get the yarn through without getting all jammed up! You can be sure that if I ever make it to a retreat where you are, I'm gonna pester you for some close-up demonstrations!

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Thanks for the comment and Any time. I learned a lot by making dishclothes and crocheting afghan squares that were unique. The hats are an artform, I can tell you that much. I want to sell my patterns, but I always inform people what to expect. They are not easy, nor for the faint of hooks. It is amazing as you kind of make a sculpture with yarn. This is were crochet gets texture and does indeed make a statement. I can tell you that 90 % of people that see my hats want to know how to knit them. People are not in the habit of seeing crochet like mine. I do teach once in a while , is not a fast pace learning experience. One of my apprentices has been learning for about 6 months and is doing very good. He needs to create his first hat to really graduate to become an Artisan or Fiber Artis. You bet, if we are in close proximity I will be more than happey to teach you some of my secrets over turkish coffee with some nice cardamon.

Once again Andy, I have to compliment your use of color. You really get the most out of your colors. Again, great job.