Guernsey scarf/wrap

Jared Flood has created this pattern using a number of guernsey stitches linked together with a few rows garter and purl rows. I used an 8ply New Lanark wool from Scotland instead of the 10ply worsted yarn suggested, and a 5mm needle. The wool was coarse to knit with but softened up nicely after soaking. Blocked size is 36cmx188cm (14"x74")

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Kerry, I really like the scarf. You did a beautiful job - as always. It would be great for watching tv in the evenings for around the shoulders.

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That looks absolutely lovely and is it as warm as it appears?

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Yes it is Quinton, almost too warm for Sydney.

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Ron, thanks, that's just what I used it for last night, we had our first cold autumn night.

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Well I'm making one! I've got a stash of rowan Scottish tweed 4ply. You're setting a trend

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I'm sure you'll enjoy making it.

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Beautiful work, Kerry. You did a beautiful job. I like that the scarf is very wide too. I find that so many scarves bunch up or roll up under clothing our around the neck. Yours will lie flat and keep you nice and toasty. If it gets too warm for the Sydney weather, I'll be happy to take it off your hands for hiking in the fall and winter here in the Midwest of of the US. Well done, Kerry.

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Kerry, that's beautiful!
...I'm of an age where warmth is important.
...and very nice pictures of you!

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Very nice knitting, Kerry. I really like the way all the patterns tie together.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe, Bill and ihiker for your comments, MWK is such a supportive space.