2 @ a time back panels

some of you may remember from last week's post that IM working on a lace sweater for my sis. So far, I've gotten the pattern to act right for me.
The pattern is worked in panels: 3 for the back and 2 for the fronts (its a cardigan). The back panels are two top even panels worked out from the center and then the bottom of the sweater is sewn on later.
My concern is that I might not be able to keep even tension from 1 top panel to the next. And as this is my first lace project that's already given me headaches, I'm really worried about.
I just started the right top back panel when it dawned on me. Doesn't it seem that I should be able to work the top panels 2 at a time on circulars?
Anyone have any advice or experience doing anything like it? Should I not do it? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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You should be able to work two at a time. All you'll have to do is be sure you knit the mirror image that the pattern calls for. [If I understand the bit of working out from the center right.] If nothing else, you can use that to make certain the pieces match up properly for size and patterning. And if it proves too bothersome, you can always put one on stitch holders and work one at a time.

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This is doable, I myself knit the last sweater I made using tho technique or the sleeves to assure my decreases were in the same spots and they matched. My only warning is to find a way to make sure you never accidentally turn after only working one side. I myself just used a post it note that I made dual hash marks to show I had knit one sleeve or both. You may have it easier working a lace pattern that will show you fairly easily which sleeve you've worked or hven't. Mine was a broken rib that didn't have easily seen distinctions. Give it a go an good luck!

Thanks for the green light, guys. It seemed like it would've worked, but I really didn't want to get that far into the work (not to mention the yarn!) only to find that it never could've worked.
Have casted on the stitches and will let you know how it goes.
PS. I agree, 2 at a time is the only way to do good even sleeves. It just works better for me than counting rows.