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Dear friends,

Back from my travels and having some quality knitting time...and I cam across the recent designs by Josh Bennett for Rowan's latest collection. I have a soft spot for Josh as I went to his shop when I was visiting New York and wanted to knit something for my friends's new baby. It was to be my first project and Josh was really helpful. The pair of bamboo needles I bought are still my favourite.

Anyway, there's a link on his website (boymeetspurl) to his new designs for Rowan. Theyr're quite a departure for Rowan: photographed on an attractive model who looks like his off for a night out as opposed to off to the farm to sheer 6000 sheep. And, to my surprise, you can download the 6 patterns for free on the rowan website. I've just saved them all and my bank balance is unchallenged.



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Thank you

Great Share!
Will browse the patterns. I hope there's some really good men's patterns.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you!