A gift from my cousin Nina

My cousin Nina and I had a date to walk through the Missouri Botanical Gardens and when she came over she gave me this.

It's exquiste and looks fantastic on the dinning room table! Just thought I'd share.

As for my stuff....I've been out in the garden instead.


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Gorgeous pictures all around! Love the dining room, and LOVE the garden =)

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Wow!! We are just getting the first hints of green around here. It's been raining all week, and is cold and very windy. We should see some sun tomorrow. Maybe we will get summer, but it isn't looking good.

Your cousin has good taste!

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You're a lucky man, Scott. Beautiful garden and beautiful gift.

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Very nice, Scott. Your yard/garden is gorgeous and the gift from your cousin is lovely.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

The beautiful centrepiece complements your very elegant dining room, and I love your garden.

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Scott, what a beautiful garden, so many diverse areas.

Time spent in the garden is time that's never wasted. Now that I'm apartment dwelling I really miss the planning and caring for a garden, like a limb's missing or something. Until I can find a house with good sun and some acreage, the orchids (about 40) I keep in my greenhouse will have to do.
Love the doily. My mother makes and gives them to me. Of course when company comes over, I steal ALL the credit. Poor mom.

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Thanks guys. I forgot to mention that Nina did crochet the lace and the pattern is candle flame. She is also going throught chemo for colon cancer so keep her in your prayers or if you're not into praying wish some good karma for her.

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Crocheted? I thought is was knitted...having seen a similar pattern many years ago. Very lovely work, regardless. Sending Blessings her way...may she do well.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Don't wory she will do just fine! My mom had a cancer tumor extracted, it came back and had an other operation now she is doing geat! Just help her keep a very positive atitude and make her laghf a lot! It works wonders!!