Looking for a shrug

Hi guys...I am in search of a nice shrug to make for my 85-yo mom. She lives in Florida and complains that her shoulders and arms get cold because of the extreme air-conditioning, especially during the summer. I have downloaded a few from some of the more popular sites, but find them a bit confusing to figure out, even when I email the designer. Has anyone made one that they might suggest. I am also looking to find one that made all in one piece on circular needles and in the round. I know that any flat knitting can be converted, but I'm still researching and reading about that. In the meantime, I want to get something for my mom that is made of light worsted weight yarn, perhaps a simple lace, perhaps not.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.



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All you need to do is knit sleeves in the round which are connected in the middle across the back. But the middle part will need to be knit flat. You can start at the cuff, knit in the round for the sleeve, then switch to back and forth knitting for the shoulders and back, and then back to circular for the other sleeve, ending with the other cuff! There-- that simple. Or you can start at the back of the neck, and work towards both cuffs. Now, for the patterning in the sleeves and back... well, that is up to you. You can use anything you want -- it is YOUR shrug.

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I heard your words from the last time you and I talked and am making a miniature version to get some idea how the yarn is going to behave and where I am going to need to make some decisions. I have a small wrist and a part of a sleeve finished, so I am going to just knit flat across them add then finish with the last sleeve. I think that once I get a sort of a template to follow, it should be easy to add some lacing or other designs.

A very wide scarf that's sewn together along the sides at both ends is another option, if you don't like knitting in the round. Or if you really can't stand knitting flat, you can knit a long tube and steek lengthwise in the middle.

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The wide scarf sewn together at both cuffs is a very comfortable shrug...and you don't have to worry about which way is the neck or waist...

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Thanks a great idea, Bill. Thanks!