Easy Rip

I found this video online. It shows how to use circular needles and their cables to create a stopping point when you need to rip back a few rows. It helps you avoid picking up the live stitches and perhaps missing some, or dropping them. Enjoy.




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Thank you very interesting.

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I think that is a LOT of extra and needless work. On a small piece with smooth yarn in stocking stitch, it's easy enough to do. But in real life, it's not like this at all!! And how do I know, you may ask??

Now, the really smart knitter would just put in the lifelines as he knits. When that row is completed, and is correct, simply take off the needle points, caps get put on the ends, put the points on another cable, and away we go! When the next lifeline is put in at the next logical row, do the same thing. That earlier cable can be pulled out since it is now redundant, and the points go back on this cable, and we knit another section again. Less fuss and bother, no time wasted. At least, imho.

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You are absolutely correct Mr. Tallguy. I suppose someone at your level would think not using a lifeline a non-smart thing to do. One does have to remember, however, that there are lots of us out here in knitting rookie land that are not "the really smart" knitter to which you refer. We'll get there, but in the meantime, I thought that the newbies out there might find solace in knowing there is a neat way to add a lifeline after the fact.

I am just now making a raglan short-sleeved sweater for my mother. Lifelines have become truly that for me...a lifeline...even when the stitching is completely uncomplicated. Interestingly, now that I have begun to incorporate them into my knitting, I have only used them once, but I was grateful that I had it. Adding a line after the fact, I think, is a really smart trick for those of us who may not be able to remember all the things we should do all the time, especially since all that we should remember to do hasn't yet been learned! To those, I offer the video and a heart-felt wish for safer knitting.

It sounds as though you are already on your way to becoming a 'really smart knitter'. Everyone of us had a starting point and everyone of us needed help along the way, and your link will help other new knitters who don't yet know about lifelines. A considerate post.

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Thanks Christine!