From My Blog: I behaved myself, promise.

I finally got the I-cord bind off of this dang thing done last night (Thank you sweet baby Jesus in the manger), and was able to move on to another project before putting out my own eyes with the needles.

I played with the second pictures color a bit to try and get it to show the color differences in the skeins. It's not a glaring difference and with the center out pattern, I think it actually breaks up the color well. It almost looks purposeful. It's always amazing to me how the things that get you worried while working on the project you end up liking at the end of the piece.

With that said though, I don't know if the transitions would work on something like an end to end blanket or a sweater. Probably just fine but my anal retentive knitting personality (I have different ones for different things, we all should no?) would have been bothered by it. I would have had to rip it out or smother that little nagging perfectionist part of me with a skein of the softest merino or cashmere. All violence carried out in love should be done with class and luxury.

And I want to point out how close a call this all was... That's right, of the 8 skeins I used, and fretted as to when to start my edging, this was all I had left. I giggled nervously as I grafted the I-Cord's end and realized how little I had left. I think my work partner was worried about my sanity there for a moment.

With that all said, I can start the Christmas knitting in earnest now and get another dinosaur hat done since once again, I have a toddler on my hands that doesn't fit the toddler hat. A word to anyone who does the Roar! Dinosaur Hat from Ravelry; it's a lovely and cute as heck hat pattern, but make the next size up should you decide to make it. I re-measured my gauge after the first one and found that I was still on despite my sizing issues. Other than that, this little hat is staying in my pattern collection for future kiddos, of any age. We can all use a dino hat right? I'm making myself one for Halloween.

Oh, and the Muttley Crew say "Hi" too.


Buzzboy's picture

Looks really great. You should be very proud. I also like the color.


AKQGuy's picture

Thanks Dennis. I have a thing for greens and browns, and the more they mix and the sagier the green, the more I like them.

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Well, Q, I am glad to see that your prediction that the blanket would never get finished was proven inaccurate. It looked very nice last Thursday and had lived up to its potential. Congratulations on only having a small bit of yarn left is a great feeling knowing you calculated it just right. Right? Great knitting.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

AKQGuy's picture

I had to ge tit done. I was so scared it would become my "Curse of the Ruana" Project. I forbade myself from starting something else due to the fear.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

I must have missed the reference to the ruana last week. You're right, though...that would be enough to make me quiver with the dreads as well.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Kerry's picture

What a great looking blanket, I love it.

AKQGuy's picture

Thank you Sir.

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Beautiful - the color gradients reminds me of old vegetable dyed Persian rugs (speaking of, they never worried about matching dye lots.) Once again an exqusite piece - I've decided you don't sleep, that's how you get all this great stuff done. ;-)

AKQGuy's picture

Well, since I work nights and I get a lot of knitting done on quiet nights, you're kind of right... But I still like my dye lots to match.

ronhuber's picture

I love the blanket and the lovely earthy colour. Beautiful work.

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Thank you sir. I fell in love with this yarn and bought up what they had left when I saw it at the sheep dog trials.

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What a great looking project. I really do like the natural colors. I am very much into nature and all it's colors...thus my name ILhiker. :) I think your dog is a beautiful model for your work. I can imagine you going stir crazy with the i-cord. I made a 2-foot one the other day and was happy to get that done. I can't imagine making the cording for around the edge of such a large project. Well done, sir! You continue to inspire me!


Great piece of work! love the design and the colours as well!