Okay, so am I CRAZY???

Hello All,

I just registered to the site because I think I'm going crazy ...

I've decided that I am going to "challenge" myself with the Moebius Design. So on that note, I went to my LYS and was talking with the amazing staff ... I bought Cat's first book A treasury of magical knitting, some cheap practice yarn and a LONG circular needle ...

Well ... It's about time to sit down and do some serious figuring out ...

Does anyone have any advice??? I'm thinking a mix of crazy drugs, but I would rather not really go crazy ...

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the big advice I can give relates to the circular - if you bought a bamboo needle with the nylon plastic thing joining them, it's good to prepare the needle by boiling some water in the microwave in some sort of mug, then stick the plastic part (not the wood) in the HOT water for a few seconds... then take it out and pull it tight - it'll help keep the plastic from being all twisted up!

I'm not sure what the moebius design is so there's always the chance that you already know this and I am sounding incredibly novice by even saying it :)

oh well. I tried! hehe

knit away!



Hmm ... I think ... and I do stree think that they circular needles need to be twisted ... lol ... this is a hard thing for me to handle because I am used to wanting not kinky circular needles

Thanks !!!


Thank you!

Doug. Doug! 3 deep, cleansing breaths. Here we go: Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Slowly this time: Inhale, Exhale.

There. Much better.

Mobius is simplicity itself. For your first time out doing this, read what's to follow and you'll be just fine.

Take a piece of letter paper and cut an edge of it on the long side and make a strip about an inch wide. So the strip will be 11 inches long by 1 inch wide. Got it?

Now, have some scotch tape handy. Take your strip and give it just ONE twist and then tape the ends together.

Now, Take a pen and at the taped end, start drawing a running line around the loop. You'll find that you have to actually do TWO loops in order to make it back to the place you started.

Is that clear? The Mobius is nothing more than the symbol for Infinity, meaning that it is a never-ending circle tracing both sides of a plane: on the face of it, a geometric impossibility, but there you are.

If it is, now you can start your scarf.

Follow your pattern as to the number or stitches you need to cast on determined by the heft of the yarn you're using: easily available numbers on the net. To start with, cast on those stitches on a circular needle that is roughly 36 - 40 inches long. Trust me: you'll be glad you availed yourself of every inch of extra circ length.

Knit across the stitches 2 or three rows; you will do this to establish a TOP and BOTTOM of your work. I.e.: the top will be the loops on the cable and the bottom the already worked stitches - your cast on row.

Once that's done, TWIST the left-hand needle's stitches a half turn and join the circle and commmence to knit. You will find that you will be knitting in the exact same way that you traced your pen around your mobius paper circle.

If you hate the idea of having two rows of knitting OUTSIDE of the loop, so to speak, you can do the mobius routine the authentic way:

Cast on, then (here's the REALLY hard part) you're going to join the loop by placing a marker and then knitting into the BOTTOM of the First cast on stitch and continue doing that until you you come around to where you started. (NOTE: This is the LAST BITCH of a task to do. You will hate it and damn me into Eternal Hell for even bringing it up . . .) You will find that you are two stitches away from where you joined. You have just completed 1/2 of your lap around the loop. Now, keep going and you'll eventually end up at your join stitch and your marker.

Just keep knitting round and round until you end up with the WIDTH of the scarf that you want.

While you are doing this project, you will UNHAPPILY find that your circular needle will become twisted and contorted beyond all recognition. Relax. This only lasts for a few rounds. It's not so bad if you use Instruction A. It's HORRIBLE if you use Instruction B. Either way, you'll get through it.

Just remember: It takes TWO laps to complete ONE round on a Mobius circle. Take a look again at your paper model. In effect, what you are doing is to knit OUTWARD from your first Lap on both sides of that lap. In ASCII Art it would look like this: " >>>>>> " where I is the joined round and the are the sequential double laps. (You're increasing outward from the center lap.)

~Mike in Tampa (who says: if this was about as clear as mud, feel free to email him: mike@keach.net He'll be happy to hold your hand and nag . . .)

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~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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This is the height of simplicity to knit! The cast-on is a real bugger to do.

When I did mine, I had a few mishaps (written up on my blog) but I got it licked now! I would suggest that you follow the simple directions posted by Mike about making a moebius out of paper. You MUST do a swatch for this one -- sorry, but if it is to fit properly, you need to do this. Make is slightly smaller if it is knit in a lace. If it's just a long scarf, then this is not as critical.

Start by cheating a little. Cat won't like this, so don't tell her! Cast on the required stitches with a provisional caston. Knit back and forth about 3 rows, probably in stocking stitch. If you are using a reversible knit-purl pattern, do that now. You now have that long strip Mike mentioned. Now, join the ends BUT:

when you bring the ends together, give the left end ONE turn, and then join to the cast on edge! This is the trick... you will now continue to knit all around on the cast on side. Eventually, miraculously, as if by magic, you will again be at the beginning. Place marker here. If you are using a knit-purl pattern, you will be out by one stitch; don't sweat it, just forget about it. You will have to switch patterns now and then, so this is a good place to do it.

You can then continue knitting around and around and around... put in a couple of purl rows to make this truly reversible, for there is no right side with this thing. You can use any kind of reversible patterns you like, even lace.

There is a short seam to do later on, but that is fairly simple. And there you have it: your first moebius!! It's just that easy!

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My only suggestions (once you get your head around the cast-on..). Cast on LOOSELY... Also, try the I-cord bind-off, it is really nice and really finishes the Moebius scarves off well. One of the ones I've done I did the i-cord bind off in a contrasting color to really define the shape of the Mobius scarf.