Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off

I was binding off the sleeves to the short sleeve sweater I am making and found that the bind of wasn't as stretchy as I wanted it to be. So I searched on You Tube and found Cat Bordhi-PERSONAL FOOTPRINTS-Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. It's a confusing video to watch for me because I am a thrower, but I followed her verbal directions and it worked great. I like the edging it makes and it really is surprisingly stretchy. Normal binding off doesn't give much I have found, so this worked well for me.

Stretchy Bind-Off


Thank you for the tip! It does look suprisingly stretchy LOL. I would allso recommend the Elizabeth Zimmerman bind of, I started using it becaus my BO were to tight, but it's not as stretchy Jeny's. :)

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Hi Nelson...I'm assuming you mean Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off. That does leave a stretchy edges. I have never used it. I just watched a video on it and it looks interesting. Thanks for sharing the info with me.

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EZ's sewn bind-off is very similar to this one, in that EZ was attempting to duplicate the look of the cast-on edge with that chain of stitches each coming out of the last one. And it succeeds quite well in that respect.

However, with Jenny's method, that YO adds just a little bit of extra yarn to each stitch, which allows it to stretch a great deal more than conventional methods. The trick is getting it all to come back again (the stetchy or elastic part of the stitch), and this does that too because of the way the stitches are formed. So it is surprisingly stretchy, and I love it for all kinds of places that need that stretch, as on neck bands for children especially, or cuffs that need to go over the heel, or hats that need to fit an unknown head size. There are a couple of other methods that do something similar, but Jenny's is superb.

Can't wait to see your finished sweater for Mom!

LOL yes that is the one!

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I have used Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off and it works great when you want some give, like in a sweater neck or something. Defintely a tool to have in your toolbox.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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It turned out well. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough give around my mother's arm. Now, I know that it will be a good fit...and comfortable if it is a tad tight.

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I use Jenny's for sock tops. I wonder how it would work and look if you went up a needle size? Would this give additional stretch without looking too different?

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I'm going to check it out for my next bo.