Baby blanket

I just finished a baby blanket for a friend's daughter using an arcylic/cotton blend. It's lightweight and easy to wash. THINK: baby spew.

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I love that - I need to do something for my nephew's new baby Ruby - where can I find the pattern? Nice job by the way!

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Hey, thanks for your kind words. Here's a link to the pattern: It knits up quick and easy.


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Thank you!!! So this is your design? It's perfect - fast is what I need since the kid is already 2 months old.

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Hi Lou!
Great to see more of your work on here. This baby blanket is beautiful. Baby spew will look lovely on it too. LOL. It almost looks like it is shiny. I will definitely download your pattern. They are always easy to understand. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice pattern and knitting. I agree about something that's easily parents are often too overwhelmed to worry about whether that new blanket can get thrown in the washer and dryer or not.

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