Am I obsessive?

I started knitting 3 months ago since then I have knitted 6 scarves, 4 wash clothes, 1 throw and right now I'm working on some aunt maggie's slippers for my parents. Should have them completed before the weekend. My next project is a boneyard shawl for a niece. So, is this to much for 3 months? And I have the slippers finished for my mom, they're a bit old fashion but my mother made these for me as a child and by now those have long since worn out.

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No such thing as too much. Fire up those needles and get back to work.Way to go!

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Most impressive. However, unless you are skipping meals, sleep, work, etc. I think you are doing okay.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have a feeling you're just warming up. Soon you'll discover the hat addiction which is just a gateway drug to socks then you'll hear the irresistable siren of lace and ..... you will be lost.

Happy knitting.

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What ever you do DO NOT pick up a pattern for socks!

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Oh, you *are* evil, aren't you? :)

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When you get obsessively lost, go cross-eyed, and get cramps in your fingers, look around and you will find you are in excellent company! Once you start knitting, it really does become an integral part of your life. Welcome to a very colorful alternate lifestyle!

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OH MY GAWD I'm so sol.. this weekend I have a class in sock making for the next 3 weeks, next weekend I have a class on beyond basic's for the next 3 weeks. oh I find sleeping interfering with my knitting so I stopped that right away....

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THis is why it's called, "the knitting bug", and it has you good. I'm just amazed with your speed as a "beginning" knitter. I'd only become concerned if neighbors start checking on you because they haven't seen you lately and your place starts smelling funny because you don't take the time to keep up with personal hygiene habits.

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Obsessed is driving 8 hours to get to a knit session (I[m not obsessed, I only drove 6.5)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation