I seem to be putting off the inevitable (getting down to work on a lesbian murder incest opera...) and came across Kieran Foley's website. I'm not a great lace fan, but I fund his designs really inspiring. There are some free patterns there too...



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Tell us more about the "lesbian murder incest opera" !
...I'm sure San Francisco Opera would love it!

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I know! He's being such a tease.

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I definitely perked up my ears...then I noticed the referral to the lace patterns.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks for the link, David. And good luck with the opera.

At least we know it wasn't the butler this time.
Taking another stab at the lace, eh? good luck.

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Do we? Could the incestuous butler be murdered by the lesbian? Could a incestuous lesbian kill the butler to keep him quiet? Could the lesbian be the law looking into an incestuous butler how killed the cook because the cook served bad coffee (justifiable homicide in my opinion)

I will just have to wait until the weight challenged lady sings to find out.

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I've enjoyed Kieran's site for some time and "favourited" several of his patterns on Ravelry.