I need a break!

I've been knitting daily since I learned and have really enjoyed every minute of it (ok, I know I make a lot of negative noise about new stitches or so but. . ) up until the lace sweater.
Although I did push through (thanks for your help Tallguy) and am half way finished with the toe up socks. I have to say I think I burned out. Tonight while sitting here at work (I have a lot of down time to knit while here) I decided I was going to work on the Uncle Argyle scarves that are double knitting in the Son of Stitch n Bitch book.
I've double knitted before and had a really easy time with it, I'm not doing so well this time. And I can feel my interest level waning.
I think I'll take a couple weeks break and do some of my first love - embroidery.

Will post the sweater pics as soon as its finished drying.
David Natively


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Sometimes a bit of a break is called for. If you burn out too badly, you never start again. That's one of the reasons I read, visit friends, and do other things to help break up the knitting sessions. Enjoy the embroidery work and come back refreshed.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have slumps where I just don't feel like picking up the needles, so I don't - they eventually call to me and I'm off again.