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Please keep my wife in your prayers. She joins me in the world of replacing body parts. She undergoes double-knee replacement surgery on Monday, June 4. She supported me during my hip replacement back in November, now it's my turn to be the caregiver. She'll be in hospital and rehab for about 3 weeks. If you are in the Chicago area drop me a line, I would love the company and the diversion. As some of you know, being the sole caregiver with only one relative nearby makes for a curiously lonely state of mind. I sense that I'll get a lot of knitting done and perhaps some home-improvement projects. Thanks, guys.


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Marck Oh ...! Be strong, partner. I think it's time for understanding of "... in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health ..." YOU AND YOUR WIFE ARE IN MY PRAYERS. Be at peace.

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Thank you, Antonio. It means a lot to me to have support. The think I love about the Internet is that good friends aren't limited to geographical boundaries. It's great to have prayers coming from Brasil! I'm sure everything will go well.

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Prayers for both of you

Remember to take some time for your self. It is not wrong to go to a movie or your yarn shop. to me it is always harder on the caregiver than on the one needing care. When the one being cared for takes a nap the caregiver always thinks of all the thing they need to do to be prepared for the the session care giving and not of what they need to do for themselves.

You say there is one relative in the area, work with them, when they stop by, take this as "me" time. Time to refresh your soul and spirit so you can support your wife.

Stop by often for our support and love.

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Thank you for the great advice, Chris. I agree about the "me" time. We have a good system worked out between my son and myself. When I was the one receiving care, I actually asked that on a couple occasions that I not receive visitors. I was in a lot of pain those days and just needed the rest. My wife is already adamant about my not going to see her everyday. The park I hike in is near her rehab center, so after a visit with her, I'll strip down to hiking shorts and head out on the trail. Funny you should mention a yarn shop visit. I may drive up to Milwaukee to one that I was introduced to a few weeks ago. That should make for a nice change of scenery. Maybe I'll treat myself to an overnight stay and a massage.

Again, thanks for the kind words.


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Hi Mark
Your wife is very fortunate to have such a caring, compassionate husband. Don't forget to take of yourself when in the caregiver role. We tend to be so noble when it comes to caring for others, almost to the point of being detrimental to ourselves. I know the hiking will help take the edge off things, but a trip north to Ruhama's might be good for your stash and the Milwaukee economy.

Hope all goes well, and know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Thanks, Lou. I agree that Ruhama's would make a good diversion. Maybe I'll see you there if you can get away.

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Blessings on both of you, Mark. Can't add to the advice but am glad to know that you and your wife already have things worked out so you can de-stress and such.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Surgery was yesterday. I hope it went well. I can tell you from personal experience that knitting is a great way to spend "waiting in the hospital" time. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.