Hi Guys. I have just been dipping into June Hiatt's exhaustive (and exhausting) tome "The Principles of Knitting" and in a section where she is talking about picking up stitches she mentions a 'cro-needle'. I had never heard of such a thing before and I looked it up. It seemed like such an obvious and brilliant idea that I immediately wanted one (some?). Any of you folks got one? I am not sure where to get them. Addi seems to have a set of 'clicks' but I am thinking you also need to buy the addi needle set to have the knitting needle part for the other end. Some questions: Where can I get cro-needle (or the equivalent if that is a proprietary name)? Do I need, or should I get multiple sizes? One of my lesser favourite things to do is picking up stitches and this seems like a great tool for that job. Besides, I love gadgets and toys. You should see me in a kitchen store! Websites to order from? (I live in Canada).
Thanks a lot.


They're just crochet hooks with cables at the end, no? I believe they're also called "Tunisian crochet hooks" by some.

You should be able to find some inexpensive bamboo sets on eBay. If you want something fancier, Knitter's Pride (also sold under the KnitPro brand) and Addi have interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook sets. Essentially they're just like interchangeable knitting needle sets, except with crochet hook tips.

Personally I just use my regular crochet hooks and transfer the picked-up stitches to my knitting needles every so often.

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I've seen a Tunisian crochet hook, but there was no cable involved. Charles Clark gave a demo of it at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat. Looked like a standard single point knitting needle with a crochet hook at the tip. It was used for a particular technique that combines knitting and crocheting. Perhaps the longer ones use a cable like circular needles, which would allow a bigger piece to be made. But I believe the essential aspect is a cap on one end like a knitting needle and a crochet hook on the other.

Here's a video.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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My understanding is that they are crochet hooks with a cable except the other end of the cable is a knitting needles. Therefore you can pick up the sticthes and when done, knit from the other end of the cable without transferring the stitches.


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i can't speak about the cable-crochet hook thing, but i do know that in some places - at least in the Balkans/Greece and also in the Andes( where the men actively knit !) that regular double pointed needles are hammered out to have a hook on one end to aid in picking up stitches.

here is a set i have that was bought in the 80's in a Bulgarian open air market. sold as 'sock needles' in a set of 5. they seem to be a size 3. interestingly enough, the other end is not really pointy but round. i don't find them comfortable, so am happy just to have them as part of my collection.

( oops. i can't seem to upload a picture in a reply. if anyone is interested, i will post them in a new thread).

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Michael Wade gave me one as a gift about two years ago...I think it's an Addi...and about a size four...I occasionally find it very useful ...