Even Decrease

I know how to do an even decrease accross a row. But the insturction says " K1, p1, k1, p39, dec 4 sts evenly, k1, p1, k1-41 sts."

What are they trying to say when it falls in the middle of the instruction like that?


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What are the pattern instructions several rows before and after this one? That might add insight.

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It's the border. The above is the 5th row. The first four rows are all K1,P1 accross. After the 5th row it starts on the body.

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That is the most unusual instruction I've seen. Something is not right there. I think we need to see the rest of the directions to know what that meant. But to decrease (or increase) evenly, you need to divide the total stitches by the decrase/increase and it will tell you how often to do that manoeuvre. What pattern is this?

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The first row of the body is "K1,p1,k1,*k2,k2tog,yo,k3;repfrom*to last 3sts,k1,p1,k1.

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Hi Gnosis,
it simply means decrease 4 stitches on the 39 purl-stitches. 35 left plus 3 stitches each end, a total of 41 stitches.

Agreed. That's how I would do it.

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See if this works for you...Don't shoot me if it doesn't work correctly, but I think the math is correct.
k1, p1, k1, p2tog, p10, p2tog, p11, p2tog, p10, p2tog k1, p1, k1 = 41 sts.
The p2tog is the decrease and it is spread out along the 39 stitches. Of course, use the decrease of your choice.

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I think Mark is right, but the original pattern line is very poorly written. I hope this wasn't a published pattern.