double-strand Whelk Stitch prayer shawl

I've enjoyed learning how to do the Whelk Stitch, courtesy of our friend, Johnny, at New Stitch a Day (great video tutorials), and tried using two strands of Lion Brand Baby Soft to make a prayer shawl. I'll take it along when I go to church on Sunday. And speaking of Sunday, Happy Father's Day to the dads who knit.


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I really like the looks of that! What size needle did you use?

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Hey, Scott

I used size 13s (just like my shoes). Here's a link to the pattern just in case you get the urge.


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Thanks Louis, I just downloaded it. Wow, 13s are at the upper limit of my comfort level - I'm not a fan of big needles but since I'm such a loose knitter I can probably get buy with 11s or 12s. I'm thinking it would be pretty in something hand painted or a black with a bit of sheen. I'm excited!

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That turned out quite nice. I'm thinking that stitch may work well as a sock pattern...but I'm always thinking that whenever I see a new stitch. LOL

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Beautiful workmanship -- as usual. I am particularly fond of that color and the pattern is very interesting; great to focus on while praying. A person could get mentally lost in the intricacy of the pattern.