I took a class in sock making with magic loop, the yarn is cascade sport and it SUCKS. I have to knit so slow as to not split the yarn, if the yarn splits it becomes a design element because there's no way to put it back so as to make it look correct its just a bunch of frayed strands. I think this will be the last pair of socks I ever make.

Oh who am I kidding, I've got more sock yarn and will try it again...


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It's not that sock knitting is the problem -- it is the yarn. That yarn is not the nicest possible, and not for socks! You need a proper sock yarn. Yes, they are made differently!

If the yarn is splitting, it is probably because you wound the ball incorrectly, or that you are using the yarn from the wrong end of the ball. (Beside the fact that it is an inappropriate yarn for socks) This is a complicated and long explanation, but all you need to do is use the yarn from the other side of the ball. That will usually correct the splitting, much as turning it around will correct the situation when you have the yarn kinking up for you. It is caused by the same problem -- using the yarn from the incorrect side of the ball.

Give it another try. Sock knitting is addictive! Once you get the simple complexity of socks, you will be hooked. I find socks such a fascinating piece of engineering and thoroughly engaging to create. You have all the skills needed; now you just need a little practice.

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Out of curioustiy how did you end up using Cascade Sport? I have to agree with TG, it's not a good yarn for socks. But my first pair of socks were made out of a worsted wt using a pattern for sock/fingering wt yarn - they were huge, like size 23. I just chalked it up to experience and my next pair came wonderfully. Socks are huge fun to make and whenever I finish a pair I look at them and think "I can't believe I just made a pair of socks!"

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I didn't like the yarn I was using, it was a finger weight and just so tiny I had trouble seeing it. That being said, one of the yarn stores where I live is going out of business so I stopped by and picked up a bunch of sock yarn. I can't hardly wait to start using it. Also, I tend to look at whatever I'm knitting and think "WOW I actually made something and it looks nice." no doubt a left over from my over abundant amount of esteem.

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Sometimes when the yarn splits you can avoid that by knitting differently. If you knit continental, try throwing and if you throw try continental. These two motions add or take twist depending on how your yarn. was plied.

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I've used reggia sock yarn .... The patterned stuff keeps the knitting interesting. And my husband has worn and worn them...they've been washed loads and are still going strong.

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Sounds like you are giving socks another try after all. Good for you. I teach socks with thicker yarn and needles so the beginners understand how a sock comes together before working with finer yarns and needles. Helps in the long run, I feel. Lots of luck.

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