I found this (see attachment) at my mom’s house this weekend.

It was laying in the room that I stay in when I’m there. No one is sure of where it came from.

It’s a Coats and Clark (makers of Red Heart) Jiffy Accessories to Knit and Crochet pattern book. It was printed in 1961 and sold for 29 cents.

And let me tell ya folks, the patterns are HORRIBLE.

The poodles are terrifying, they have some weird jacket type things and boleros, knee warmers (? wtf ?), weird oblong, missile-shaped house slippers, a double-stacked knitted stocking hat with triple pom-poms, knitted wrist cuffs, and a scary serial-killer ski helmet.

Everything the modern knitter needed back then to look absolutely hideous.

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The picture made me chuckle. I remember seeing things like that at my grandmother's house when I stayed with her sometimes. Pom-poms were the order of the day for little girls back then. I know the "scary serial-killer ski helmet" you are talking about. Knitting seemed more the rage back in the 60s when I was a little tyke. I remember the girls at school making an endless array of striped scarves that were about six feet long. The hippy movement helped to introduce some wickedly wild colors and patterns and some of the more progressive men that I knew who were into the movement would sit and knit publicly. Polyester was the rage, tight Jordache pants, bell-bottoms, and lots of scarves. I think the good folks who first introduced the Dr. Who scarf were inspired by something that may have been seen in a Coats and Clark catalog, but I dare say they probably used a much better quality wool.

Dr. Who Scarf

Anyway, thanks for that visual snapshot that took me back a few decades.


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Oh, for the good old days!!

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That sure was stylin' back in the 60's. LOL Had a lot of fun seeing it. Thanks.


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I double dare you to crochet a poodle.

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Horrible they may be, some avid crocheter would probably buy it just as a collectors item lol.

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So cool. I'm a vintage pattern freak.