Another class in knitting

I took a class call beyond the basics in which I am learning M1R, M1L, YO, KF&B, SSK, K2TOG and SP with yarn in front. At the end I'll have a nice mini shawl and I'm hoping I'll be able to make a scarf that uses YO and SSK throughout the pattern. I've tried to make it 4 times now ending with pulling the whole thing out and starting over. I wish I had started knitting many years ago, this is so relaxing and I end up with something unlike playing world of warcraft.

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Good for you these are very valuable things to know in your knitting. I thought my self with books and youtube but I know some people learn better with live instruction.

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Congrats on the class. I learned a lot of what I know by being a voracious reader. Plus, the kindness of fellow knitters who shared their knowledge. Enjoy.

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I've added a photo of the project for this class.

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be careful! Lace is even more addicting then most knitting.

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Knitting is one of those wonderful things we have that actually allows us to DO-OVER. My middle school kids are always asking for do-overs and I caution them that we can never undo or unsay anything. Unknitting, tinking, frogging, ripping, whatever you want to call it, offers a terrific chance to have a do-over. Thankfully, like most who are passionate about their craft, we don't do-over and leave it in a pile on the floor, we usually roll it up and start over...and over...and over until it comes out correctly. Keep learning, Don! It's what we do...forever. I liked the photo...thanks for sharing!