A Fine Day

Last week, on our regular spinning day, I took the day off work so that I could enjoy our year-end outing. The ladies usually like to plan a little trip somewhere to spin and have lunch. This year, we travelled about an hour south of the city to a small farm of a lady that is also a spinner. It was a lovely day, with sunshine and gorgeous blue skies! We haven't seen that for ever so long. But being the first day of summer, we were so fortunate in getting this. I do think, however, that this may have been our summer!

The lady at the farm has a couple of sheep, of unknown heritage. They are free range, and there wasn't any control of which ram bred which ewe, so there is a large mixture of probably everything in these. She had one fleece there for us to play with. She had a pot of dye on the stove, and welcomed any of us to take a handful and dye it. She also told us to take some home with us, if we wished.

I did take a lock and spin it on my spindle. It is quite a long staple, with good crimp, and fairly fine quality. After spinning 2-3 locks, I decided I would take some home, wash it, and spin something fine with enough yarn to knit a small delicate something.

I carefully picked out all the locks I could find in my small handful, and keeping the direction the same, I just flicked the ends to open them up, and then combed each lock. I carefully lay each combed lock so that the direction was always the same. I spun the singles from the cut end (smoother in that direction). I could very easily tell if there were some hairs that were turned around, for it didn't flow as smoothly. Of course, this fleece just begged to be spun fine, and I did what it wanted. I will then do a 2-ply and am not sure what I will make with the yarn, but it will be something small and very delicate.

I have to say that on the way home I was thinking that this was a really great day. I had the best time spending the day chatting with the ladies, playing with fibres, relaxed in the summer sunshine, a wonderful lunch -- I just couldn't understand why I need to spend all of my week in an office doing non-interesting and non-fun things. This day really struck me at how wonderful life could be -- if only I would allow myself that luxury. Being without a job -- and income -- is scary, so I stay, but I know there is something better. There is nothing better than spending your day with your hands buried deep in fibre!! Too bad I don't do it often enough.

Attached is a pic of me spinning a fine yarn.

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Thanks for a beautifully written account of an equally beautiful day. I was having a tough day when I read this and somehow you carried me along with you to that tranquil place. Thanks :-) Phil

Wow, tallguy, sounds like you had a short vacation. Sometimes that's just what we need, not just for our tired out brains, but for our souls.
About jobs though, I have to say that in my 20s I burned out early. I mean, I was all about my company and its vision and what I could do to make it more money, 80-hour weeks and so forth.
I had a vacation and just couldn't get the funk back, ya know? Since then, I've been figuring out what I want to do as my own business.
Perhaps your venture lies in fiber? Either way, I hope you start taking more time for yourself and your loves. Life's too short to be spent making other people millionaires. do the same for yourself.

P.S. Im still on a vacation from knitting, but will be needing your help for some project or ohter. lol