Joann's Major Sale

The Joann near me in Columbus, OH is having a 50% off clearance prices sale right now.
I got wools, sock, and bamboo yarn and rosewood needles for really cheap (see pic).
I spent $43.00 on nearly $150.00 worth of stuff.
I think all Joanns might be doing it to refresh their stock. Check your local one out.


Thanks, will check my local tomorrow, on the way to my lys.


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So...I may have gone back and got more. For a grand total of 71 skeins for a measly $88.00.

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I'll have to check my local store too. Thanks

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Went to mine and was nice to get some yarn I've been wanting to try but didn't want to spend full price on. I wish I knew about this sale sooner so I could save up and get more. Thanks for the info and can't wait to see what you make with all your new yarn. :-)

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Thanks for the information on the sale I went into my local store and every thing was half off the sale price. I walked out with a lot of yarn for $23. I didn't need needles if not I would have bought some of the rosewood needles too.