My new favorite passtime

It all started last October during the World Series between the Cardinals and the Rangers. Ralf and I were in San Maguel, Mexico and made sure we were back at the condo every day by game time. It was huge fun listening to the announcers in Spanish and watchnng our team win - we're both native Saint Louisans so you can guess which team that was. Suddenly I was hooked. It was as if some latent straight gene suddenly kicked in, well some strange mutant straight gene because I have to be knitting while watching. Seriously, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven if I'm sitting in front of the flat screen, knitting in hand, watching a Cardinal ball game. I even have an app on my iPhone that signals me an hour before a Cardianls game starts. I do confess I also have a huge crush on Mike Metheny our new general manager.

Don't tell Ralf.


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I am the same with hockey in Canada and futbal (soccer) here in Mexico. There is always instant replay for the good parts if you miss them and the announcer's voice always warns you that something good is about to happen. I think, though, that it would be difficult to watch sports without something in my hands.

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It's not gay if you're knitting something macho.. like a jock strap for Metheny?
My LYS has a Stitch 'n Pitch nite at Dodger stadium every year, so I guess you're not alone in your unlikely pairing of pastimes. I can't imagine knitting at most sports events... NBA basketball? No. NCAA wrestling? ... well maybe between matches

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In the past I often knit while watching/listening to the local high school baseball games. I'd knit along on the current project, looking up when something exciting was happening. One of our LYS also has a Pitch N' Stitch night every July. This year, however, it falls during the Men's Knitting Retreat and i have to miss it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Your blog really touched me this time. I used to be a baseball wife myself. At the time, Iwas married to ticking timebomb baseball legend Albert Belle (although he didn't know we were married, which is why I still haven't received one alimony payment).
Every season when his team came to Detroit, I made sure I had tickets right off the visitors dugout. Those were some really great summers under the stars.
When he retired, I guess I did too. The fun and excitement went out of baseball for me.
Now football? I'm still crazy hooked. I don't care what the str8s say, its men's soap operas.

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Knitting and sports...a great combination. Both take skill and persistence to accomplish well. We are watching the Olympic trials just now and it's great fun to knit and watch, knit and watch, knit...oh damn...tink, tink, diving competition...knit, watch, knit, pause, ogle at those who look much better in a diving suit than I ever did, .... damn again....forgot to increase on either side of the marker...tink, tink, tink....and so on. I guess it's just part of our endless curiosity of what people can do in competitive sports.

I wonder where this guy puts his knitting needles during the dive!

Knitting at the Olympics

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I must admit, I have trouble watching anything on television without some knitting. It's a great time for those long stretchs of stockinette, though concentrating on anything with a pattern can be a challenge. Never knit AT a game, but definitely while watching thm on TV.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I, too, like to have something to knit while watching almost anything. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I usually avoid watching foreign language films because it's just too darn hard to knit and read subtitles.