I finally finished the wedding shawl!!!

And just in time, too. I decided to give it to her at her bridal shower instead of the wedding. The shower is this Saturday!!

There are a couple of "mistakes" (read: holes) that I will fix after it is completely dried from blocking.

It was a love/hate relationship. I really enjoyed the majority of it, but there were tears, aha-moments, and times where I was simply sick of looking at it.

It took me a little over a month, but I learned soooo much doing it. I’ve become much more proficient and quicker since starting it.

Remember kids, this is the first lace, first pattern project, first non-round item on circular needles, first multi-skein project, first blocking project, and first true multi-type of stitch project. Whew!!

Would I do it again? Hell yes!!

(The photos are pre-blocked and during blocking. I will have finished pics tomorrow.)

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Very nice work. I am sure she will love it.

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Beautiful work. I am doing the same shawl.

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Well, best of luck.
Don't get me wrong, it was a great piece in the end. I just don't know if it was a beginner's piece...lol.

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Looks pretty dang good to me!

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Beautıful. Can someone share a link to the pattern?

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Sorry, my internet's been down all day again and just came up. We are still suffering major after-effects of that horrendous storm that rolled through the midwest. Thanks, ronhuber, for posting the pattern.

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Danke! :)

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Very nice. Congratulations on your first lacework. I'm sure the recipient will love it.

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You're a natural!!!! Great job. Are you hooked? I was after my first lace project.

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Thanks. I definitely want to do more lace. Maybe some smaller, shorter projects. And not for a little while yet...lol.
I'm tackling a huge afghan project with a pattern of my own making at the moment. I have to have it done by the end of August. I think I'll make it.