Roman Stripe Stitch Prayer Shawl

Just finished a prayer shawl using James C Brett Marble Chunky yarn. Thanks to Johnny Vasquez at New Stitch a Day, I learned how to do the Roman Stripe Stitch. He has THE BEST tutorials! The shawl is a combination of the Roman Stripe and stockinette stitch and contains a great palette of colors and texture.

If you aren't familiar with Johnny's work, got to
Great website, and an all-around great guy.


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Great colours in that yarn and the stitch looks interesting.

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Nicely done, Lou. I like the combination of stitches that you used.

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Roman Stripe is a most intriguing stitch and it worked out very nicely in that yarn. Congrats.

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Way too beautiful for a prayer shawl. If I had it on vanity would prevent and sincere form of prayer. I'm thinking maybe it'a box-seats-at-the-Santa-Fe-opera-look-at me-I'm-divine shawl.

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...(and very funny! )

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I second that.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.