A F.O. with a below-the-belt name...

I've been a bit scattered with my knitting lately...a couple pairs of socks on the needles, a lace shawl that was going great till something got ripped out by accident and I haven't had the courage to wither tink back several rows or try and reconstruct it. And I'm 1/4 of the way into a Spectra scarf, thanks to someone who shared it here. :)

But I did finish this bag; I was inspired by a bag shared here but wanted something a little more interesting in the way of pattern, so I started with 50 stitches in Judy's Magic Cast-on, which equals 100 stitches in a round. I knit 6 or 7 rounds, then 12 rows of left-slanting Turkish rib stitch, 7 rows of alternating K and K1P1 rows ending with a K row, then 12 rows of right-leaning Turish rib and so on till I was sick of it and did a few rounds of stockinette, an eyelet row, and bound off, leaving 6 live stitches on one end.

For the strap, I knit enough 3-stitch I-cord to thread through the bag, emerging at the opposite end from the live stitches, then joined into a 6-stitch row, and did a strap with:

Row 1: K, YO, K, YO, K, YO, K, YO, K, YO, K
Row 2: K all stitches, dropping YOs.

When I had enough, I joined the strap to the 6 live stitches on the bag edge with the Kitchener stitch.

This kind of strap is really stretchy, so keep it in mind, otherwise the bag will be dragging on the ground.

The bag is easy to open, you just pull at the ends; its own weight cinches it closed - you should figure this into the length of the strap as well.

My friend Berfin wanted to try it out immediately, so she grabbed a couple of large balls of yarn and put them in...the new shape was suggestive (to our minds that are rather primed for such) and it was quickly dubbed "The Scrote Tote." Oh well....

From Knittin'

Close up:

From Knittin'

With a normal load:

From Knittin'

With the two-ball load. :) Well, it shows that the bag sure is stretchy!

From Knittin'


scottly's picture

[lewd snicker] I love the scrote tote!

ronhuber's picture

That is a great looking bag ( or scrote tote).

DiscoB75's picture

LOL..Awesome. I think everyone should carry a scrote tote.

I love the placement (and her devilish smile) in the 2nd pic. It definitely lives up to the name scrote tote.

bobinthebul's picture

The devilish smile is one of Berfin's trademarks. ;)

TinkerJones's picture

Love the scrote tote. Does it hang lower with age?
What yarn did you use?

bobinthebul's picture

It was an all-cotton yarn. I suppose it would, with time. :)

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Ahh mee.....How I love your whimsical humor, Bob. Great design for a tote - scrote or otherwise. [Hmmmm......I wonder how that fabric would work for a jock strap?]

ETA: D'oh...I should have said "I wonder how the fabric could be adapted to a jock strap?" After all, we can see it's quite stretchy and should do well for one.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

bobinthebul's picture

Hmmm.....Not sure, what you CAN be sure of is that if I make one, it will not be me modeling it. :)

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Being a very modest person myself, I can relate to that sentiment. I guess we'd have to look for an anatomically correct mannequin to do the job. ;-P

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

chicquette's picture

OMG. The best laugh I have had in ages. The pics are a hoot. Great job on the bag!

CLABBERS's picture

What a nice tote, and a fun picture! You did a really great job with the design. Like others, I had one of the best laughs I've had in a while when I saw your friend modeling it. You give good advice on the strap that secures it. I do so hate it when my bag drags on the ground. >

bobinthebul's picture

Yeah, we said she should hold it in a way that it appeared to be hanging out from the skirt, but no dice....