Sock sucess

I almost have my first sock made and have come to the conclusion that its the yarn and needle size that's giving me all of my issues. Needless to say I still have another to make to complete the pair, but the process seems fairly simple at least for these socks.


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Glad to know that you are finding socks rather uncomplicated after all. Of course, I own my bias since I knit socks all the time. I wish you continued success.

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Mostly socks are thoughtless, simple knitting - that's why I think they are so addictive. It's more like worrying a stone, fingering prayer beads or what my dad used to to do, sharpen his pocket knife on a little whet stone. It's soothing, takes almost no attention and allows your mind to relax.

I have a suggestion though. Right before I made my first pair I ran into a woman in Jerome, AZ who was working on a pair of socks who told me to get two sets of needles and work on the pair at the same time. That way it wouldn't seem like such drudgery to do the second sock. I thought she was brilliant - little did I know this was common practice among sock knitters. It works great for me.

Don't forget to post pictures.

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Sock are one of those things that you really have to make gauge, otherwise your socks may not fit. I think socks are amazing to make and every time I make a pair, I relaly congratulate myself, lol. I like Marlowe Craford patterns and One of our guys Mill Fontanot has another nice pattern. The most difficult socks are Fair Isle. Keep up the good work and if you have any quesitons you came to the right place.

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Congratulations. I am glad you are doing it. Believe me, there will be many more!! I do exactly what Scott does. I knit the cuff on one, and then the cuff on the second, the leg on one, and so on. When the first one is done, I have only the toe to finish on the second.

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One of the things sock knitters do is to give the impression that hand knit socks are very difficult to do, and that only an experienced and very skilled knitter of the right temperment should attempt them! That is patently untrue, but we don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry to start knitting socks, do we?! Then where is the mystique?

Well, I feel the same about lace too. It's terribly boring to knit, but the results are fantastic. Socks are marginally more interesting to knit, and do have a very practical purpose so they have that going for them.

All knitting is just worked one stitch at a time, no matter what you are doing, and it all is relatively simple to do. Well, when you know what you are doing! Getting there is where all the fun -- and frustration -- comes in.

Socks are really great to learn. I look at them as a little more work than a swatch. You can practice new stitches while making them or learn a new technique like short row work or advanced color work. And you'll be surprised how many people are knocked out to receive a pair of hand knitted socks for a gift. But be careful, you might end up spoiling them!
Have fun in your knitting adventure.

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Socks can be addictive! I was a bit intimidated by them at first but once I did my first pair it all started making sense and it's not really that bad. There does seem to be a mystique about socks at first, and there are lots of different choices for how to do heels, toes, short rows etc.
Of course you can make them as complex as you like; for my own use I like nothing better than a simple ribbed or seed-ribbed sock, with a fun yarn, watching how the colors play out.

Using a non-splitty yearn is great to start out with; the 25% nylon sock yarns really are ideal. Someone recently gave me a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock, and that's slightly more challenging to knit with because of the changes in thickness, but no great burden. It's a really subtly gray and blue-green colorway and I love the way it's coming out.

I also really love the "Skyp Socks" patterns (free on Ravelry). Simple but very nice stitch. There's so much out there, have fun!