Ruby's blanket

I have the most adorable grand niece, I have yet to meet her but I've seen the pictures and she is a doll - see for yourself.

I wanted to make her something special so I found this pattern on Ravelry and a lovely cotton from Plymouth called Fantasy Naturale. It's a four ply twist of various shades of pink and fuschia - I don't do baby colors. It was a fun and easy knit and went amazingly fast.

PDF icon Sunny Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern.pdf246.08 KB


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Wonderfully cheerful!
...and babies like strong colours...

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Both blanket and baby are beautiful. Babies always look so drab wrapped in pale colours. Your choice is wonderful.

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Scott: What a cutie and look at that smile! Bound to make everyone's day happier. I work with babies at our local public library every Wednesday and yesterday we had 42 of them for play and story time. I was exhausted by the end of the hour.
The blanket is a great pattern and I need to make one as I just became a great uncle once again and would like to knit something easy. Where on Ralvery did you find this pattern?


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Beautiful work and beautiful baby! I have a friend who is expecting and have been looking for a pattern. The last one I did was a huge washcloth pattern and I'd like something a bit more interesting this time. Where did you get the pattern?


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Quite a lovely piece of work...and that goes for the blanket also! Congrats on both.

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Thanks everybody. I hope Ruby likes her blanket, I'm going to post it tomorrow and with any luck she'll have next week sometime. I created a PDF of the pattern and posted it on my original entry as an attachment called Sunny Baby Blanket. Evidently you can only post attachment to the opening entry of a blog. Enjoy!

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She is adorable!

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Thanks for adding the pattern. It will have a happy place in my stash of patterns of things I want to make.

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Great blanket, and my GOD that is an adorable baby!

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beautiful.....both the baby and the blanket. I like how the color you chose(ruby) matches her name. I guess that was intentional. Thanks for sharing the pics and also the pattern. In my stash it goes for later. :)