Bella Botanica Shawl

I made the Bella Botanica Shawl (by Karen Strauss - free download on Ravelry) for a friend of mine here in Morelia. I used Tosh Lace in the colourway "Tart" and 3.75 mm needles. Quick and easy. The top is 84 inches and the depth is 36 inches. It took about 750 yards.
For all of those who are worried about men wearing lace, let me assure you that I will not wear this and it is really for a friend.

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I don't know Ron, it's pretty fetching - you should at least model it for us.

Seriously, what a lovely piece! Great job!

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Very nice indeed. Looks stunning.


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Fantastic job, really beautifully done and what a great color. I'm sure she'll LOVE it!

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Beautiful work. Some day I'll finish the 2nd shawl I started. Last year.

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Beautiful shawl Ron, you do such lovely work.

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This really is nice Ron but then all of your work is really lovely

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awesome work! I love knitted lace. Don't wear it or make it. Not that accomplished in my knitting skills. But I do make lace(bobbin lace, tatting, etc.) so I do know the attraction and complexity of the work. Your friend is getting a treasure!

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Thanks, guys. I really appreciate all the comments.