Sock Knitting

Hi all,
Hope you are enjoying your summer. I am getting very compulsive and perfectionistic about my sock knitting. After completely knitting one sock of a pair, I have just discovered the sock would have been better if I knit it with #2 needles instead of #3 needles. The sock fits alright but the sock could be a bit firmer with a smaller and tighter knit. The woman at the yarn store told me it's common for sock knitters to like tighter knit socks because the socks tend to last longer. I sort of feel like ripping out all of my socks and knitting them tighter. That would be compulsive...I continue to learn things when I knit. I think this is part of the whole knitting experience....Happy learning, knitting, and creating....Cullen


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IMHO, the socks do last longer and are more comfortable. Think of the purl bumps on the inside of the sock and the smaller they are the more comfortable they are. It is like walking on sand as opposed to gravel. Perhaps not that drastic but you get my drift.

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Welcome to the fascinating - sometimes exasperating - world of sock knitting. I always look upon each new pair as a learning opportunity, even if it is a pair of the "plain vanilla" socks I knit for everyday wear. As to the sock that is a bit looser than you want, go ahead and knit the mate. You could always gently full them to get a tighter fit...or give them as a gift. Then knit the next pair with size 2 needles and see how you like it. Have fun with them, though; that's the main thing. Take care.

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In my humble opinion, and it should be taken with a large grain of salt, try them before you decide. I prefer my socks a little soft and use a larger needle. In addition you did not get the type of yarn used. Size 3 needles may be right. They are your feet and they are to only true determiner of the correctness of the fit and feel.

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I rarely knit socks with anything larger than 0s. I like tightly knit socks with tiny little stitches. But dont' rip out the ones you've completed, just move on. Also, I tell everyone who doesn't do it already, have two sets of needles and knit both socks simultaneously. It makes a huge difference.

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I just picked up socks via the magic loop. I HATE DPN! How does that work two socks simultaneously?

The first pairs of socks that I made were done with a sz 3 ndl, and that was for speed. Once I learned the 2 ata time method (the method I learned was done on a sz2 circular), I started with a smaller sz.
In my opinion, the socks done on size 2 do look better, but I haven't noticed a difference in fit or feel.