700 Pages of Basics

For an anniversary present this year, my wife bought me a terrific book entitled The Principles of Knitting. It is full of really basic things in knitting and it take you through many, many neat techniques to enhance your knitting. It's really huge, weighs a ton, and it a great deal to digest. It will make a really good reference book, once I get through it.
Here is a link to the book and you can look inside it. It sells for $45, but it's usually on sale at Amazon for about $25 or so.




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At $45 it is a steal. It is considered THE reference book on knitting. June is an incredible resource and years researching the original. A few years ago copies were going for $350+ on ebay. Don't let the opportunity to own your own copy now slip by. I don't know what the printing plans are for this but the initial book was oop within a couple of years and many libraries were not able to keep their copies from being stolen.

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I agree. This is the second printing after the author was begged by knitters to republish after the 1988 edition ran out. This printing is 100 pages longer and just out this year, 2012. I have started reading it an she is terrific. I think it would be a great idea for the third edition to make it electronic and have videos instead of drawings.


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There IS an electronic version of a book with videos. I don't remember who put it out. I've seen a couple of chapters. It's okay, but not into as much detail as I would like, but has all the essentials.

The other set of instructions I really like is by Lucy Neatby. It's all video, not really necessary to have much text (although she does have some books to accompany the videos) when she explains it all to you in the video. See some of them on YouTube. But a combination of all the books and videos available gives you everything you need since some of us learn in different ways.

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I have seen Lucy's YouTube videos, some of which are frustrating at best because she leaves a person hanging and refers to sections in a DVD. Ah commercialism! What I do see in YouTube videos though is good and she has a gentle presentation. She has a sensitivity toward new knitters. I can't imagine buying her videos though. Combined they come to about $500. Of course this includes some DVDs that are specific to some crafts, in which people may or may not be interested. She is, when all is said and done, a great resource for knitters and I applaud her dedication to the craft. I watched a behind-the-scenes video of making her DVSs and that was interesting. I wasn't aware that so much went on to set things up and produce two hands manipulating yarn in front of a camera.

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What a thoughtful gift. I hope you enjoy perusing it for fun and help.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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just purchased a copy on Amazon for $27 - can't wait til it comes!

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I think you will be pleased with it. I rarely read introductions to books, but I like that she has a new intro and the original edition's intro. Enjoy and let me know if you learn something that you think I could use too!