Allyson's socks

My friend Allyson's birthday is next week and these are for her fresh of the needles and blocking, as you can tell. I have to say that with this particular color way of Zauberball Crazy there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a pair of socks out of one skein that look even remotely alike. I’m not the kind of knitter that requires both socks to be identical - I eyeball number of rows and generally with the self-striping stuff I just divide the skein in half and use the cut end on both halves as my starting point and pretty much the socks look enough alike to be a pair but not so with Zauberball. I can’t see any way I could have made two socks look even similar with one skein of this yarn. Allyson will love them - she likes to think she has a funky side and I assist whenever I can.

I suppose if I ever want to knit another pair of sock from this yarn I'll have to buy two skeins - a mere $45. investment for a pair of socks (technically two pair, I guess). Sadly I can see myself doing this.

Tha particulars:
-size 0 needles (4 needle technique)
-1 skein Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy
color 1702 "red, orange, gree blue"
-top down with a 1/2" of k2, p2 rib then cardridge rib leg and a flap heel
-US women's size 6


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Great looking socks, Scott. I love working with Zauberball and the fact that they don't look alike adds to their beauty.

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Colourful and made with love, who needs matching. Nice one Scott.

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I really like those socks! I think they match perfectly. They are both festive and the colors are so expressive. They remind me of some of the things I have seen in Cirque Du Soleil and I really enjoy how rich the colors are that they use in their costuming. The stitching is beautiful as well. When do I get my pair!? :)


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Thanks guys, I feel much better about them now. I was having a bit of an anxiety attack over them.

Mark, it will make Allyson happy that you thought they looked "Cirque". She'll probably have to go shopping and buy an outfit to go with the socks.

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I've seen three of the Cirque shows and other than the unbelievable athletic prowess of the performers, the colors are just astounding. In fact, the most recent Cirque promo should convince you that the colors are perfect, no matter if they they are symmetrical or not. :)

Cirque Du Soleil

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You have made me want to knit up my Zauberball yarns more than ever. There would have been a pair on the needles by now but I was distracted by the "twirly shiny things" known as birthday yarn and some gorgeous yarn I bought at Retreat. Maybe the next pair? I hope Allyson loves her socks. They are lovely and that is part of the fun of Zauberball...they aren't intended to be perfect matchups.

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