Hello fellow MWK,

Today I am very excited because I finally joined this group for men who knit! While the feeling may eventually pass, for the moment I find myself exhilarated. It is so nice to finally have found a community, even if it is a digital one, that embraces this particular craft and those of us who have chosen to partake in it. Since I began knitting approximately 6 months ago, I know I'm a newbie, I have truly enjoyed my time and the things I have been able to produce.

Knitting kind of fell into my lap around Christmas time of last year. Several things led to my newfound love for knitting. I was single, at university, living in a small apartment and had outgrown the craziness of Chapel Hill. Being 21 for one year there is enough to make you need to take it easy for a while. And as outgoing and extroverted as I am, I also cherish my solo time and knitting made that all the more special. Now, not only was I able to spend time everyday winding down, relaxing and reflecting on my day, I was also doing something I enjoyed. It feels so good to finally do something creative that produces a tangible product, something I can hold and touch, that was made with my own two hands. Knitting became my guilt-free creative outlet as it not only brings function to the table, but also form.

While at first knitting was somewhat frustrating and required a lot of focus and thought, 6 months later it has become a natural and somewhat meditative act. Now my frustrations stem from my community not being able to keep up with me. My local "supermarket style" craft store has proven to be lacking in quality products and people who can aid me on my journey to improve. Luckily for me, smaller, more involved and higher quality boutique-style stores are a short drive away in the capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh. Also, there are no knitting circles or groups here. I knit alone. When I was in school there was a small group that met at a well-known café near campus, but alas those days are over for me. Reaching out to find people here is next to impossible as well since the age of your average knitter here is 85. Knitting with people not knitting tends to be risky as that meditative state that sometimes comes over can appear rude and the conversation can become a little disjointed. And I don't know about you, but I do like to look at people when I talk to them and if we are not both knitting it seems wrong to do anything else but make eye contact while speaking.

Finally I found this online medium for meeting, talking and sharing with other knitters and I am so excited! Even though may never meet any of you, I am so thrilled to know you're there sharing in this experience with me! This will be especially comforting when I move to France at the end of August. I can't wait to share my successes, failures and growth in the craft with all you other MWK.


P.S. I finished my first hat today. I am wearing it in my profile picture and the pic here. :)))))

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Welcome to our group, and if you have the chance to join Ravelry, you will find some of our members there as well. Here you will also fine guys and gals from all over the world. We have guys from North And SOuth Carolina that belong to this group. There are Men Retreats throughout the year all over the world, so check them out.

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Welcome to the community. It is filled with great brothers of the craft and we are so glad you found and joined us. I agree that after a long tiring day knitting can be a great stress reliever and in the end it produces a useful, beautiful garment. Be sure to stay in touch, post and show us your current and completed products.


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Welcome Matthew!!! Happy to have you and your exuberance. In the past several years that I've been a member I have learned so much from these guys, had such interesting conversations and been given so much support that I'm not sure how I live without them. As for actaully meeting anyone from MWK in person, my extremely abstract mind does not seem to differentiate between physically meeting someone and digitaly meeting them so when I found this group, it was as if I had found a gazillion new best friends.

You will soon get over feeling odd knitting around others who are not. I take my knitting everywhere - dinner parties, community meetings, planes - any place where I am able to sit. If it's someplace that requires my attention I take a brain free travel project like socks or a patterned scarf. Intererstingly, I'm a much better listener when I knit.

Where in France will you be? I'm very interested in the state of knitting around the world. Is it as popular elsewhere as it is in the States? Are there as many men who knit around the world as there are here? What are the yarn stores like? Please fill in the French knitting blanks whenever you are able.

I can tell by your cap that you are a fast learner - very nice looking. Hats are one of my favorite projects.

Visit often!


I will have to tell you all about France and the knitting scene there. I have visited and I have actually done a little scoping in relation to knitting and I have some fun things to share. I am moving to a village right outside of Paris and one can find anything one is looking for in Paris. There are definitely men who knit there and yarn store heaven, although oddly enough A LOT of their product is supplied by the US. So, the next time I'm up here and have a little time I will send you a message or maybe make a blog post once I have all the info you want and fill you in! I move at the end of August and after that I should be able to get to the "knitty gritty" details of those questions. :)

Thank you the welcome guys! I can't wait to talk with you all more in the future!
I will definitely keep you posted on projects on which I am knitting and will try to remember to put pictures with them. Nothing worse than being denied the proof :P

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Welcome to the community. You'll find lots of support - technical and otherwise - here and it is a regular stop for me when online. Take care and we'll see you around.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to the group! I can relate to much of what you say. The hat looks great by the way! I love that color of yarn. My first hat was made with a similar, if not the same, color. Good luck in France when you move there.

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Welcome! Being a part of the MWK community is always exciting. At least I think so. I hope you will too.

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Congrats on your new hobby!