I'm new to this site, so if I make a mistake please correct me.

I am part of a knit/crochet group in Harlem, New York. The members there are friendly, artistic, and sharing. Saturday I witnessed how a man and little girl were welcomed, and taught to knit.
Each person's project suggests a story. The choices of colors, stiches, and yarn is amazing. This always inspires ideas for my future projects. Am always interested in new things about our craft. Anyone seen "knitting with a thousand strands of yarn"?

Am I long winded, or what?


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As for knitting with 1000 strands, I think I saw her in a demonstration video on YouTube. She used two log-sized knitting needles, and was handling the "yarn" with both hands. I think it was the same woman.

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Welcome! I really like the way you describe knitting projects as telling a story. I will have to review my projects from the last few years and see what story they are telling about me. Cheers to your group too!

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Welcome to our merry band. I hope you enjoy the community as much as I do. I also like the way you describe knitting as a will make me look at my pairs of socks in a whole new light. Especially as I link them to fond memories already; like the pair I was knitting in New York's Riverside Park when the Chinese grandmothers gave me a "thumbs up"!

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Welcome, I'm excited to hear more about knitting in Harlem. It would be so cool if you could post pictures of projects that you and your group create. I love hearing about other knitting communites.

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No, you are certainly not long winded. Wait until you read some of my posts. Welcome to a group that has helped me not only with knitting but the problems that go along with it. Stories and knitting, huh? Do mysteries qualify?


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I sometimes think it is a major mystery as to what I was thinking when I began any certain project...;-P

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.