Sweater Progress

I am making progress on the sweater for my wife. She requested a very plain pattern and a calming gray. She's doing very well with her double-knee replacement surgery that was this past June, so calm works well for her just now. She has lost a lot of weight since the surgery because now she is able to get up and move around; walking around the block now without a cane! I couldn't be more proud of her. This sweater will help her stay nice and warm as the cooler months approach. It's a larger size, but I think I have figured out how to take it in as she continues to slim down as the months pass. I'll make her one with more pizzazz for the spring to celebrate her continued improvement and adding more zip in her step and more activity to her life.

I am using the Simply Soft Caron acrylic yarn because it can just be thrown into the wash and then machine dry. I made one for my mom using this yarn and she says it wears well and gets even softer when laundered but maintains it's shape. I am using US#7 nickle-plated Knit Picks circular needles.

The next project will be a merino superwash wool sweater for my son. Hopefully, I'll get it done for Christmas. It will also be a raglan top-down pattern, but it will be a Henley sweater. I will be using the pattern found on page 56 of Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein. I have promised him that he will at least have something to try on at Christmas to see if I have the arm length correct.

The first picture is one of the sweater hanging, but I simply pinned the collar to hold it on the hanger. I don't have the front band done yet. The second is a flat shot so you can see the raglan detail.


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So great to hear your wife is doing wonderful. Your sweater is looking really great. I'm going to try and make my wife a shawl one of these days, probably after the first of the year. Anyway just wanted to say hello and your doing a great job.


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Hi, great job on the sweater! I have heard other good things about that yarn, I'll have to give it a try sometime. And glad to hear that your wife is doing so well after her surgery. Take care, Ken

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Very nice, Mark...and I'm so glad to hear your wife's doing well!

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Great news about the wife's recovery and the sweater. I am supposed to be designing one for next summer's Retreat, using part of the swag yarn. However, the process hasn't gotten any further than the "conceptual" phase. [i.e. I think about it occasionally.]

I look forward to seeing the finished work.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The sweaters look great so far. Glad your wife is doing well after the surgery. Last week, I looked at the book Knits Men Want and copied the basic sock pattern. I liked how the pattern was written with multiple gauges. Is the sweater pattern easy and understandable for you to work with? Keep up the knitting on the sweaters....Cullen

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Hi Cullen,
The sweater pattern is easy to understand once you figure out how Bruce writes his patterns. As I'm sure you have noticed, you really do have to read them carefully through and highlight things so you don't miss a step, especially if the text is above or below a section that is the multiple size/gauge chart. I won't know for sure until I actually work through one. Scott is going to join me on this venture, so that's pretty neat. This will be the second project we have sort of done together.

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I love simple!!! Much of the stuff I browse through on Ravelry is just over designed and show casey. And you can't go wrong with gray - there isn't a color that doesn't work with gray. Give your wife my best and I'm happy her recouperation is going well.

Maybe I'll join you on the Henley project. Ralf and I both like it and since we're pretty much the same size we could share it. Because Ralf won't wear wool I'm thinking linen blend.

Keep me posted on when you're going to start.

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Thanks Scott. It will be fun to work through it with you. We can be each other's sounding board. I enjoyed that when we were both making the same vest pattern awhile ago. It would be fun to meet you halfway between St. Louis and Chicago and compare the project when we are midway through it. I'd love to show you the vest and would like to see the one you made Ralf.