Haapsalu Shawl

One year after starting this it is finished. When it comes off the blocking pads I will post it to my sister-in-law. I did count the nupps but lost count when I got over 1000 lol

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Absolutely beatiful!


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Wow, what amazing work. I'm sure she will love it!

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Dennis, that shawl is gorgeous. Your sister-in-law is a lucky lady. I can imagine you are nupped out.

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Gorgeous knitting, Dennis. Kudos to you for all those nupps. They look great and almost - I do say "Almost" - make me want to try them. Your sister-in-law is very lucky to have such a great gift.

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Exquisite piece of knitted lace. Isn't she beautiful! Lovely work.


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What an exquisite accomplishment. I've been trying to complete all my current works in progress before tackling an Estonian lace project. I am interested in several things regarding your completed shawl: 1) did you use wool or a wool silk blend; 2) what pattern did you use as a guide; 3) did you knit your shawl on US 6 straight needles: 4) was your cast on with 2 strands of yarn; and 5) did you knit two borders and sew them on or knit the border onto the shawl after completing the body? I have been reading Nancy Bush's book on Estonian Lace and have watched the DVD that accompanied the book and I bought two expensive books on Haapsula shawls that Schoolhouse Press offered. I recently purchased enough hand dyed lace weight 100% wool yarn from The Woolen Rabbit. I wanted to enter a Estonian shawl into the Minnesota State Fair next year. I guess I better get started if I want to have it finished before the entry deadline ends in August, 2013. Will be anxious to see your shawl off the blocking pads. Congratulations on a beautiful knitting adventure.

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The pattern is the "Greta Garbo" from the book "The Haapsalu Shawl". I have sent you a more detailed note answering your questions. Thank you for your kind compliments

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Gorgeous work! Makes me feel guity about my three unfinished shawls on the needles…

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Now I really feel guilty about the prayer shawl I started for my Mom over 2 years ago. I just seem to have trouble getting back to it. For one thing, I forget whether I'm on the RS row or the WS row (It's not as obvious as you'd think in this pattern.) and for another, it increases length every time, so each row takes longer than the last. That and the part where you have to purl three together.

Have I ranted long enough about something off-topic for this thread? I do feel better.

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Marvelous Dennis, what a testament to your perseverance.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Beautiful, beautiful shawl. Fantastic.

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I feel so unaccomplished when I see such incredible work. Truly beautiful!

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Scottly....I always follow your projects and you have no need to feel unaccomplished!!!!!!!!!