Sister's Pregnant I get to try Baby Clothes

My sister is due on Jan 14,'s a boy. I'm not accustomed to knitting for babies. Any ideas?

I was thinking starter kit:

Top ( ) Plus my LYS just moved the Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds DK over to their $4.00 clearance section. They just moved their Rowan Big Wool over 45 min ago. I feel like an addict and Facebook isn't helping. They keep posting new items that they move over to the clearance section.


The LYS Ladies said to do baby projects in between bigger projects so that why I can feel like I can get a lot accomplished.


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A nice combination is a shawl/blanket; hat; sweater, and booties. For the shawl/blanket, I often use Elizabeth Zimmermann's PI Shawl as it is fairly easy to knit and very versatile as to how you work it: Simple, or very lacey. For a boy's sweater, the Baby Surprise Jacket [also by Mrs. Zimmermann] is quite handsome. It can sometimes be a bit tricky to knit but the finished product is very nice. For booties and hats, there are lots of options available so I won't make recommendations there. Enjoy the knitting and the new nephew.

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After looking at a ton of really cute baby stuff for my grand niece Ruby I decided that if I were going to spend a lot of time on it I wasn't going to knit her something she'd out grow in a month so I went for a blanket. It was a fun knit and it's something she can use as long as it lasts. Hats don't take long and will probably not be out grown as quickly and I love a baby in cool hat. Ruby lives in SoCal so there's not that much need for a warm hat but I'm thinking of making her something fun for her head anyway - after putting stuff in their mouths, putting stuff on their heads is most babies favorite passtime.

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Thanks for the input. When I think baby clothes I think "big bulk pastel crap". Do you think wool is acceptable or should it all be washable acrylic blend?

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There are some great bright cottons out there. It's washable and durable.

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I recommend a wool/acrylic blend or cotton. Although, that said, I have also used a higher quality 100% acrylic also. The main thing is to have something the parents can throw in the wash and not have to fuss with. They have their hands full with the baby. If you did all wool, it would be a pity if your blanket/shawl ended up suitable for a pet blanket. [That happened to a friend of mine; a whole summer's knitting ruined by a helpful cousin who did a load of laundry without really checking it out.]

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We used a LOT of hats in the early months (both of our girls were born in January).

Some blankets were great, others weren't. The key, for us, was that it couldn't be too holey. Little fingers can get a little tangled in big holes. We have a wonderful green blanket from some guys here on MWK (an E.Z. pattern - we call it the "Uncles' Blanket" since it was knit by Uncle Bradley and Uncle Eric) that remains an absolute favorite.

I agree Joe in WY - Baby Surprise Jackets are fun (for both boys and girls). Booties. Socks. Mittens (and - joyfully, baby mittens don't require thumbs, so they're really quick and easy to make!)

If you do anything that pulls over the head remember that babies' heads are larger, in comparison to the body, than adults'.

The other thing was that anything we used a lot had to be easily washable (i.e. machine washable).

I love baby stuff - it's quick and fun. ENJOY!!

If you find out the baby is going to be a girl, drop me a note - both of our kids are girls. I'll send you links to some of my favorites. :-)


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Hijacking this to say "Thanks" for your kind words, Tim. And you can definitely give great advice as to what suits babies. I forgot mittens, as well as mentioning that the lace holes not be too large. One of the best ways to do the PI Shawl is to have the body mainly in plain knitting, saving the lace for the outer edge panel and/or edging itself.

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