Just another pair of socks

A friend in our local knitting group gave me a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock that she'd bought in England. So in a fit of originality, I knit a pair of plain ribbed socks out of it. They almost match. I actually often like it when they don't match completely.

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I am not familiar with this Noro yarn. Is it plied or singles? very nice.

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As far as I know most Noro is 2-ply. Kureyon and Kureyon Sock both are.

I love those socks. Also, I like the way you worked the ribbing all the way to the kitchener.

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Great looking socks. Have never knitted with Noro. Do you recommend it?

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So far so good. It's comfortable, and I've had good comments from others about its durability, I'll just have to see. I'll announce it if I get a hole in a week. ;)

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Very nice, Bob. How was it working with the Noro Sock? I've heard lots of mixed reviews about it. I quess I should just bite the bullet - eventually - and buy some to knit up.

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Thanks for the nice comments. Noro Kureyon Sock - I like working with it just fine. It's not quite as uniform as some of the machine-made sock yarns (Noro is hand spun), so if you are okay with some thick and thin here and there, no problem. I was initially a little hesitant because it's a two-ply, and when it comes a bit untwisted it seems really fragile. As in, if you take a loose piece, you can break it really easily. But when you're working off the skein, that's not an issue, and it's an excellent demonstration that the twist is really vital to the strength. It's also around 20% nylon for extra durability. Not machine-washable. I asked around bit on Ravelry before I did the socks and most people found that it held up pretty well, so we'll see.

As for the pattern to the kitchener - Yes, I like to do it that way; I figure if I'm going to do the pattern down over the foot, I may as well just do it to the end instead of having a plain section where the decreases are. It would be problematic with a complex pattern like skyp where you are doing psso's etc. but ribbing is pretty basic.

You do have to keep track of where you are, but it's not a big deal, after you do the first SSK on the top of the sock, just take the stitches as they come, until 3 before the K2TOG at the end of the top, do the SSK and proceed as normal to the end of the round.

Socks are great......also love those thick manly ankles and that great carpet !!!

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Heheh thanks. :) The carpet's a sumak from Afghanistan. Not antique or anything but I love it too.

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Belo trabalho, rapaz! Mas confesso: não sei se olho a meia ou se olho os tornozelos.... Sucesso.

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No entendi....mas obrigado. :)

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Sorry my fault. I said that the stockings are beautiful. The legs of those who used it are beautiful too. To which of the two eyes? legs or socks? lol

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I love the look of Noro.. but based on my experience, one is lucky to get a skein that has no knots and has the whole range of the color way. I've had skeins in which I've come to a knot half way through and the colors seemed to start over at where they were at the beginning of the skein. I just forge ahead when that happens, and try to think of it as part of the fun of knitting Noro... but a friend of mine will unwind the skein until they find a good place in the yarn to resume knitting. Meh.
Love the socks, btw!

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Yeah I have found knots sometimes too. Depending on what the project is, it sometimes just doesn't matter, but if the color shift is too sudden, I can usually wind ahead and find a good place to splice.