Update on the hunt for handspun sock yarn

All right. I have not forgotten anyone. I will just post a couple of updated photos in my quest for perfeect handspun sock yarn. I am planning a full description of this saga on my blog, but right now third skein is not all plied, so here are just 1# and #2. I tried an all Romney three ply first, a beautiful stainless steel gray, but it was a little heavy (sport and not fingering) and drapey but not elastic. So these are variations on Cheviot lamb (the cream), plied with charcoal gray Shetland, and either a single of gray Romney or a single of BFL, silk, and mohair. Scott said he liked marled yarns. What I have been told was you call them marled if you like it and barber pole if you don't.
I am not thrilled, but we are getting closer.

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