New Wheel and First Fruits

The day before I went back to work (I am a school teacher by trade) I traveled to New Bern to check out a spinning wheel, and visit my brother and his family. We found the Majacraft Saxonie on Craig's List and the owner was willing to bring it to us. It turned out that my brother only lived a mile from Shirley, the owner. I tried it out, loved it and bought it for a steal, at least 1/2 what it cost originally. So I set out to spin on it and the pics below are the wheel, a hank of blue merino single, and my first 2 ply. Enjoy the pics!

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Keep up the good work, Majacraft is a good wheel. Enjoy!!

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Pretty nice looking wheel and spinning. It will be interesting to see how the spinning improves as you become used to the wheel.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to the dark side!

That blue skein looks a lot like my first attempt at spinning. Hang on to that and treasure it. It always good to have a reminder of our beginnings.

Your wheel is beautiful, and I wish you both many happy years together!

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Very nice wheel and very nice spinning. I actually think that the blue, if you had more, would knit up nicely as a cowl. I like that it is has more of a raw and bumpy and uneven look to it. That adds character. If you have enjoy of it, I'd happily buy it from you. Let me know.