Update on The Hunt for a Great (handspun) Sock Yarn

I won't reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but as some of you know, I have been trying to spin sock yarn and have an interest in finding out what works.
Our blog is fibercurioandsundries.blogspot.com
Any and all comments are of value, always appreciated. I am not "done" in my quest, but I have put in enough work to arrive at some conclusions so far.



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Enjoyed reading your blog.
You might consider yarn for Kilt Hose. That can be a bit heavier than what you've been aiming for...but the mixed colour will have to be toned down...the hose have to coordinate with tartans.

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Thanks, Bill, heavier is actually easier to spin than lighter in weight. I looked at the next post showing the beautiful cabled design. OK, so since I am a newbie, how much yarn does one have to have to make Kilt hose for your average good-sized guy?
Second question, would a proper Scotsman prefer a dyed solid color or does anyone use natural colored wool like you find in Shetland wool such as dark and medium grays and browns?
Thanks for the new idea.