Siwash/ Cowichan Sweater Pattern

I am looking for the pattern for a Siwash sweater for men. It was originally called Cowichan sweater. While I am not particularly fond of the artwork that is usually found in these 1960s gems, I do like the design. Does anyone know of a source?

Here is site where I found the pictures of some.

Canadian Design Resource

Update: I did find a pattern of the Cowichan sweater for purchase on Etsy but, as all of us try to do, I'm trying to find something that is free.

Cowichan Pattern



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If you're on Ravelry, a search for Cowichan turned up 14 free patterns. The pattern called the Shawnigan Jacket has graphs for 4 different animals: deer, bear, eagle and salmon.

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Thanks! You'd think that Ravelry would be one of my first places to research patterns. I did as you suggested and found some very interesting things.

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They look like very basic drop shoulder, or raglan sleeve sweaters done in a bulky yarn. I would suggest getting Elizabeth Zimmerman's book, "Knitting Workshop", and would be very easy to come up with a similar design yourself. Jared Flood's pattern, "Smokin" out of Son of Stitch n' Bitch is very similar in design and shape.


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I had forgotten about the Smokin' pattern. I really do have to go revisit my library collection of knitting books. Thanks! I found it on p. 106. :)

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I did a search on Ravelry and typed in "Mary Maxim". Got a gazilllion patterns (socks, scarves, blankets, et al.) but some knitted-jacket patterns came up that I really like. One that I especially liked was called "Vintage Reindeer Sweater". I think I just might try it, once I get through the projects I'm currently working on. I've always wanted something like this. It's done in bulky yarn, interestingly enough. It's not free though. It goes for $3.99.

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Thanks, Tom. I found the Vintage Reindeer Sweater and it is beautiful. I may even work it up and do the design in it. It's so retro that it's new again!


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Have fun knitting on this. They are a unique bit of knitting history/tradition.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I highly recommend Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts' _Salish Indian Sweaters_, Dos Tejedoras Fiber Arts Pubs. If your local library doesn't have it, request it thru inter-library loans. It has graphs, techniques for a variety of styles and collar treatments, yarn descriptions and sources, history, etc. In short, it has it all.

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Thank you so much for that. My library does have it. I've just put a hold on it. Thanks again. Much, much appreciated! Tom