Fall colours

Early this summer, when looking through a thrift shop, I located a large bag with three large balls of yarn in it. Upon investigation, I noticed it was a kit for an afghan that someone had begun, and never got to finish. Everything was there: the yarn, instructions, cable needle still in the stitches. The price was right, so what else could I do but buy it.

I have been working on that thing all summer. It was a small, quick project, right?. As it grew, I realized why someone gave up on it. It is sooooo tedious to work on! The pattern is a simple chevron, which is boring boring boring to knit. But I persevered. Let me tell you, I've watched a lot of old Gunsmoke episodes while knitting this thing!

I'm just about completed with it, but wanted to show you a little snippet of what was on the needles. Right now, I'm doing the hem all around it, which was not in the original plan, but I wanted a nice finish on the edges. More to come.

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Looks great. I love those colors and now is the right time to finish it. How serendipitous!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I love fall colors =) Looking great! I can't wait to see the finished product!


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great colors - like everyone else I want to see the final!

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I too have found myself looking at thrift stores for yarn. I found some the other that I believe is silk but I'm not sure. I ended up buying all the hanks they had (20 or so). For $2.00 who could pass it up. I quickly put it in a zip lock bag just incase there were any bugs. I'd love to find a incomplete project that was tastefully done of non acrylic yarn to finish for some random stranger. Would be very satisfying.